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Read about Social Suicide here...


 The Sunday Times

'O Romeo our kiss is trending on twitter'


Empire Online

'Prepare for a modern take, and think

Go-Promeo And Juli8tracks'


The Hollywood Reporter

'Hussey's real-life daughter, India Eisley,

will play the modern-day Juliet'


The Times of India

Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey will team up

again in the upcoming movie 'Social Suicide.'


Film Italy

Il film è diretto da Bruce Webb, regista con all'attivo un solo film

(The Be All and End All) e diverse regie televisive.



'It is a loose retelling of Shakespeare's tragedy,

taking the well-known tale into the digital age'








In a world where the most insignificant clip can go viral in seconds and everyone watches in horror then laughs




SOCIAL SUICIDE examines what it really takes to get noticed on the internet today and if the price of fame is worth the cost.  


When Balthazar is arrested for the murder of two teenagers, he must do anything and everything to get out of custody to stop his best friend from the same fate.  But when his online history and the thousands of messages from concerned 'friends' reveal a darker truth, it's a battle of wits against the police and race against the clock to stop the greatest tragedy of all time.


SOCIAL SUICIDE... are you a victim or voyeur?











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