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Behind the Scenes with SOCIAL SUICIDE


Under the amazing eye of Bruce Webb and with the dedication of a large team of people including the wonderful Oona Menges and Katie Hodgkin, we had a fantastic shoot and even better film!


Director:  Bruce Webb

Written by:  Janet Wells and Robert Klecha

Director of Photography:  Oona Menges

Line Producer:   Katie Hodgkin

Make Up:  Saffron Powell

Costume Designer:  Sarah Tapscott

Casting Director:  Emily Tilelli

1st Assistant Director:  Sam Atkins

2nd Assistant Director:  Alex Lightman

3rd Assistant Director:  Collin Wallace

Production Designer:  Lucy Gahagan

Art Director:  Jonathan Brann

Production Coordinator:  Daisy Skepelhorn

Production Trainee:  Patrick Hetherington

Production Manager: Jemma Holt

Script Supervisor: Joana Sena

1st Assistant Camera: Leo Winslow

Sound Recordist: Geoff Wong

Boom Operator: Jon Price

DIT: Joe Lovelock

DIT: Jack Spencer

Set Photographer: Nicolas Laborie

Set Photographer: Lenka Rayn H

Producer:  Janet Wells





A Quarry Island Films Production









'Social Suicide' talented crew

Bruce Webb


Jemma Holt

Production Manager

Daisy Skepelhorn

Production Coordinator 

Sarah Tapscott

Costume Designer

Geoff Wong

Sound Recordist

Leo Winslow

1st Assistant Camera

Nicolas Laborie

Set Photographer

Janet Wells


Jon Price

Boom Operator

Lenka Rayn H

Set Photographer

Robert Klecha


Katie Hodgkin

Line Producer

Alex Lightman 

2nd Assistant Director

Oona Menges

Director of Photography

Sam Thornton


Colin Wallace

3rd Assistant Director 

Jonathan Brann

Art Director 

Patrick Hetherington

Production Assisstant 

Lucy Gahagan

Production Designer

Ben Hoy-Slot

Second Camera Assisstant

Marc Cass

Stunt Coordinator & Performer

Antonis Tsiakos

Electrican /Best boy/ Spark

Holly Taylor

Floor Runner

Kat Thorpe

Assistant Art Director

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